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Technology is the new enabler of success in every business. Organizations and individuals who are dreaming to be successful are transforming themselves by going digital. Automation of redundent manual systems supports higher growth rates and long term business success.
We, at ETechDreams, fuel the dreams of our clients with the innovative use of technology. We deliver the highest value by bringing the best technology expertise and experience across domains to support our partners in reaching the new milestones of success.

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We, at ETechDreams, love dreamers. We wish to provide the IT solutions within the reach of every single dreamer/organization in the world. Every startup and social development organization has a dream to make a positive difference in the world in one way or the other. We are excited to work with such organizations or individuals. Our special growth package is specially designed for such dreamers and equips them with the desired IT toolkit to continue pursuing their passion.

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What Clients Say About us!

Rahul Singh

"I have an Excellent working experience with ETechDreams. I appreciate their professionalism and the passion toward the work they do. The website was really good and was upto my expectations. A strong backend team who knows its work in and out and is best at it. I would recommend everyone to opt for ETechDreams services, as they provide really high quality work and have a good understanding with the clients too."

Rahul Singh, Director

The Publicity Dude

Vaibhav Rai Khare

"ETechDreams team is hard working and very determined to deliver work in the given timeline despite that the team is small and handling lots of projects. One thing I really liked about them that they dedicated to satisfying the client even if it is difficult to make things according to the need.. They will search and find a way to represent in a way you asked. It was a wonderful experience to work with Joginder and team. Still, a lot more to learn, which of course is a continuous process. Hope to work with you guys on more projects. All the best for your venture."

Vaibhav Rai Khare, Board Member


Sakshi Kiran

"I really appreciate team ETechDreams to having stood by their commitement and professionalism through the project. The team has gone beyond in meeting uncertanities and supported Sportify's round the clock requirements. I would welcome the opportunity to work with ETechDreams again"

Sakshi Kiran, Director-operations

Sportify Asia

Gautam Mukherjee

"We should thank you for your extended support. Truly thank you! "

Gautam Mukherjee, Co-Founder & CEO


Anupriya Pant

"Joginder Rohilla did everything we asked in a timely matter. I will definitely be recommending him."

Anupriya Pant, Owner

Arnavya Cosmic healing

Ben Llewellyn

"Reliable, fast and efficient. I've worked with ETechDreams on a few occasions and I have been impressed. Thanks Joginder"

Ben Llewellyn, CEO

Slib Design, United Kingdom


"Thank you ETechDreams Team for your time and support to develop my website. I appreciate the team's effort to explain to me the pros and cons of different features and it helped me take better decision. They were patient enough to wait and follow-up my delayed responses while I was preoccupied. The ETechDreams Team values the client's time and expectations which is commendable. Keep up the good work! "

Durga Pillai, Founder

Meraki Healing

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